RecyclerApps.com is committed to creating cost-effective applications for the recycling industry.  Our flagship product, Recycle 360, is a nearly paperless solution for recyclers. 

The system maintains critical information about your customers and peddlers, including a scan of their drivers license, business license, etc.  By storing these transactions electronically you have instant access to check images, VIN #, photographs of purchased material, receipts, business licenses, and other information related to the transaction.

Transactions can be searched by peddler or check # for quick recall and response to law enforcement queries.

All you need is a printer (preferably two, one for checks and one for receipts) and a flatbed scanner.  You can test the software without the scanner, but you'll not be able to scan in licenses or other documents.

We're currently offering a two week free trial to learn about our software, just go to the sign in page and create an account!

Finally, we have a video demonstration of our product that starts with a few demonstration transactions and then takes you on a tour of the rest of the system ... 


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